Chanzellor Mortimer
Age: 17
 This is how he looks in my mind. He’s shy but at the same time he’s brave. He dresses in a punk grunge style. His hair is like the picture, but it’s turquoise and magenta. It used to be brunette, but that was boring. He loves 80’s music and his favorite singer from this decade is Lady gaga! #littlemonsters. He has olive green eyes and is about 5’ 11…
He can be a bit emotional at times, and everything bad that could happen seems to happen to him. #Badluckandblackclouds

His style:

Sidney Windsor

Mr. Windsor the sexy artist/ history teacher. Chance's instant crush and soul mate. He's artistic, if he could paint all day that's all he would do. #hungryartist He majored in history some unexpected way, but his passion is making life come together on canvases. He's 6'2", his wild satin brown hair is right at his shoulder blades, he has almond shaped dark brown eyes that make Chance's heart melt every time he looks into them. He's only 24, but he's an old man in a young body. Talk about Benjamin button syndrome, #getsbetterwithage
He dresses in trench coats, jeans and button down shirts, and usually wing tip shoes. #TEAMvintage

His Style:

Song-Lei Kawasaki

She's very sweet and caring. At times she can be mothering, but she means well. She has waist length wavy red hair, jade green eyes and is quite petite at 5'5. She lost her parents 7 years ago and has been living with her grandparents ever since. 
She dresses in frilly, girly dresses and skirts and usually wears wedgies or converse with them. Her biggest pet peeve at times is: Lachlan. 

Her Style:

Lachlan Starbuck

He's quite witty and cocky. He loves to play around and can be quick to protect those he cares about. He's all head and no thoughts at times, but he's very smart. His mom left when he was four years old, and he hasn't heard from her since. He lives with his dad. His hair is jet black and is about a couple inches past his chin. He usually let's it flow free or wears it in a ponytail so he can take it down dramatically. #slowhairshake #whipmyhair. He's about 6' 1/2 feet and his eyes are honey brown. He gives everybody nicknames, cause he thinks it's fun.

His style:

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  1. All pictures are courtesy of google, and are the closes match to how I see my characters in my head.