What is Broken Armor about?

It's a multitude of things. It was simply supposed to be a short erotica, but it turned into so much more.
It was truly unexpected... But more about that later.

Broken Armor is about not fitting in, trying to find your place in a world that wants nothing but perfect. Figuring out where you belong, making real friendships with people who understand and except you for all you are and aren't. I'm talking ride or die friends, that will run threw the flames with you. Too much? Maybe... But you get my point.

Being unapologetic, even if it may piss people off. But that's their problem, right? It's also a love story, between Chance, a senior who falls in love with his art teacher, Sidney. They are instantly drawn to each other. With that being said, I guess I should put it out there that they are BOTH guys... But maybe you could tell by the names. But you never know nowadays... LOL

I believe that love's an experience and not a gender. Love isn't just between a man and a woman. It's a feeling. It's something shared between two people (usually), who out of everyone else in the entire universe understand each other better than anyone. They're magnetized by one another and a love like that can't easily be broken. It's about healing old and new scars and learning that even after the storm the sun will shine again.
And that you'll be able to spread your wings again and be truly free to be... well, who you are.

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