Thursday, October 9, 2014

Alright I’m back!! And so is Chance!! MOVED TO WordPress **Read below Anyways***

So, a while back I had planned to stop posting BA for a while cause I truly want to turn it into a E-book or Paperback… (More than likely an E-book… LOL! Nothing wrong w/ that right?) Anyways, I’ve been thinking that it’s gonna be a minute before I can bring that dream to fruition… Buuuut in the meantime, I don’t want to leave those of you who embraced BA from the first chapter to those who have just discovered Chance’s story, up in the air wondering what happened! Like, who wants to read something and then never know what happens??… Or, not so much NEVER but, months down the line. So, I’m releasing the last few chapters. Yayyyyy!! LOL! I feel like, those who loved it, will purchase it after it’s been removed from my blog, Gaydemon, and gone through it’s makeover to an E-book. Hell, maybe even suggest it to others. Main point, (I’m so long wnded… Can’t help it!! Sorry… Sorry…:) I just don’t want to leave anyone hanging…

Without further adieu…. The next chapter shall be up in…. 3…2….
P.S. BA is now on Wordpress ----->Check it!